Our Contributors

Joe Schuman

Divided We Fall® is committed to publishing a diverse array of authors representing the full spectrum of viewpoints. Our past authors have included the following individuals. If you would like to add your name to this esteemed list, you can submit an article proposal here.

Morris Fiorina

Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution; Professor of Political Science, Stanford University

Leah Donnella

Editor of NPR's Code Switch

Kahlib Fischer

Chair of the Helms School of Government, Liberty University

Saida Grundy

Assistant Professor of African-American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies, Boston University

Omar Franco

Managing Director of Becker’s Washington, D.C. Office; Former Chief of Staff for Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL)

Nathan Bomey

Author and Reporter at USA Today

Taweeda Wahabzada

New York Times' Opinion Section Contributor

Randal O'Toole

Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

Rhoda E. Howard-Hassman

Author and Professor Emeritus, Wilfrid Laurier University

Jonathan Zimmerman

Professor, University of Pennsylvania

David Alexander Bateman

Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Catherine Renshaw

Professor and Visiting Scholar, Centre for International Governance and Justice

Emahunn Campbell

Eagleton Institute of Politics Fellow and Rutgers School of Law

Jackie Farmer

Outreach Officer, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Victor Mendalo

Professor, University of Washington; Co-founder of the UW Political Economy Forum

John Fortier

Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Lindsay Chervinsky

Presidential historian and author of The Cabinet

Matthew Lysiak

Author and Former Staff Investigative Reporter for the New York Daily News

Kristin Eberhard

Director of Democracy and Climate Research, Sightline Institute. 

Kim Forde-Mazrui

Professor of Law; Director, Center for the Study of Race and Law at University of Virginia

Roy Gutternman

Director, Tully Center for Free Speech, Syracuse University

Jennifer Yip

Doctoral Candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania

Peter Acsay

Professor of History, University of Missouri–St. Louis

Cathi Herrod

President, Center for Arizona Policy

Jeff Jacoby

Columnist, The Boston Globe

Paul Burstein

Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Political Science, University of Washington

Janice Shade

Author; Founder of The Initiative for Local Capital

Paul Schumaker

Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Kansas University

Shirley Svorny

Professor of Economics Emeritus, California State University; Cato Institute Adjunct Scholar

Carl J. Schuman

Connecticut Superior Court Judge and Former Assistant United States Attorney

Davis Dawaun

Activist and Co-founder of The Commoner

Jordan Blashek

Author and Director of Talent, Schmidt Futures

Cynthia Richie Terrell

Executive Director of RepresentWomen

Robert Wilkes

Senior Correspondent, Divided We Fall

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Anthony Marcum

Resident Fellow, R Street Institute

Bradson Camelo

Economist and Public Prosecutor

Sean Fischer

Associate Dean for External Affairs, Rowan University

Walter Suza

Professor and Journalist

Ray McKowski

Assistant Professor and Judge on the Nineteenth Circuit Court, Illinois

Jonathan Friedman

Director of Free Expression and Education, PEN America

Russell Wheeler

Visiting Fellow, The Brookings Institution