March 31, 2020


What We Do

Divided We Fall® is a non-profit news publication working to depolarize politics by promoting civil engagement between differing political viewpoints. We publish curated debates, interviews, and op-eds between individuals who disagree on politics and policy in order to demonstrate productive civil discourse and break individuals out of their echo chambers.

Who We Serve

Divided We Fall® is working to create a better politics for the American people. We connect pundits, politicians, practitioners, activists, and citizens who disagree to engage in productive civil discourse. We provide these contributors with the opportunity to voice their opinion, engage the opposition, and prevail in the arena of ideas.


What We Believe

Divided We Fall® believes that unprecedented polarization of American politics prevents our government from solving the real problems facing our nation. At the same time, we believe that what is wrong with America can be fixed by what is right with America. We believe in the power of bipartisanship as well as the importance of honest, informed disagreement.

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